Tui Na Treatment


What should I expect during a Tui Na treatment?

Tui Na is a very invigorating form of massage. Tui means to push, while na means to pull; hence, this massage technique variously uses the hands to push and pull the muscles and tendons. Acupressure techniques are also used to compliment the therapy. At the client’s request, external liniments, compresses and salves are used to enhance the therapeutic methods. Chinese herbs can also be prescribed. Post treatment, the client feels relaxed yet energized.

 The client wears loosely fitting clothing

 The massage is performed on a massage table

Who can benefit from this type of treatment?

* Individuals with acute or chronic soft tissue injuries will enjoy this treatment.

* Also, those with digestive disorders, respiratory ailments, and gynaecological issues find relief from their symptoms through this massage.

* It is an excellent massage for those who know they immediately feel invigorated from exercising or being active.

* Try it during the onset of a cold, when the muscle ache is just starting to set in—it will often chase away the symptoms.

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